I think this guy's getting put in something called "Hero Squad"

Seriously. I think I might have a new hero. Sorry, Tina Turner , but I am always in need of heroes. Wasn't there some crappy, bland melodrama about heroes on some generic network? Hm. Seems like that didn't catch much attention. Maybe this guy has an answer:

That is the most appropriate response to receiving a parking ticket. Parking tickets are like mosquito bites, only they cost money and there is no satisfying sensation of scratching an itch. Actually, on second thought, parking tickets aren't like mosquito bites at all. They're like those assholes who step right in front of you to repeat whatever it was you were just saying to someone.

I also happened upon this extraordinarily disturbing article at Disinformation today. My mom, apparently, cried for three days straight when Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980. I feel the same way after every new molehill of research that is released concerning the overwhelming amount of foreign and/or chemical agents in the vast majority of foods. It's hard to eat well and be poor. Also, I never want to eat out again.*

So fuck you, big agribusiness, and your bullshit agenda.

*Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I will, too.



For seemingly no reason, I've been bit by some strange "instinct" to "nurture" things this year. Like dogs. And plants. And possibly, in the somewhat distant future, small mammals with four limbs that speak human and shit and barf all over the goddamn place. I thought I was supposed to party until 30, and then makeover my agenda. Apparently fucking not.

Let's start with the plants, though, shall we? Last week before I left for my sister's bachelorette party I started two and three sets of the following: nasturtium, marigold, lettuce, and basil Genovese; the other seeds were specific varieties as well, but did I bother to remember or write them down? Of course not. Today, my friend Janice (WHO NOW HAS A DOG) and I went to Hartke Nursery, on Warson in Olivette (AND THE DOG CAME WITH US). My mom would take me along with her on errands to Hartke, Worm's Way, Beckmann Brothers, etc. when I was younger and now, look. I'm my mother's daughter, or whatever. If I were really good about having a blog, I would insert some topical and possibly hilarious and/or adorable picture of Janice, her dog Inkle (WHO IS SO SO SO CUTE), and I here. Instead, not only am I lazy but also technologically challenged seeing as how I am lacking in any kind of digital picture taking device.

So! Today I went a little nut$ and bought a jade plant, an aloe plant, two little cacti, a kalanchoe, and two different varieties of oregano (common and True Greek) as well as a different variety of basil (Mrs. Burns Lemon*), and rosemary! The kalanchoe I brought home is more of a coral color, and now I am wishing I bought this sweet ass pinkish red color:

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT MY HERBS! I have chive, parsley, and thyme growing also; I can't wait for all of them to flourish and stink up my house. In a couple weeks, I will have in my possession pepper and tomato plants. And, after that, the farmers' markets will open again. Then, I shall feast untils I can feast no more. Summer is going to be sooooo cooool. Except for all the crappy hot and humid weather, duh.