I have NO MOTIVATION TODAY. Really need to get up and start packing. Will be moving starting sometime next week. No, not to another city unfortunately. If I had a gazillion dollars I would move to Seattle or somewhere over there. Today is a lot like last Wednesday; I returned from my sister's fabulous wedding the previous night, proceeded to do absolutely nothing but lay around in bed, attempt to finish a crossword puzzle, and read the internets. Just can't believe how lazy my lazy bones are today. Jeebus! That one exclamation mark took all of my energy, actually.
Well, that and the sandwich I got from Fozzie's for lunch.

SO YEAH. Should probably get up off my butt and start putting stuff in boxes. That actually sounds kind of enticing. I don't mind moving all that much. The only thing I don't like much is trying to get stuff out of my car. Putting boxes in my car is easy and carrying them around is not so bad but trying to get things out of my car is so awkward.

Perpetually excited about living in a new place that is gggigantic and I can have a room ALL TO MYSELF and whatever it is that I do at home anymore. I don't even remember if I have any hobbies anymore. I did at some point but I don't know what there is to do besides look at the same 12 websites everyday. Oh, pathetic.

Have applied for about 4 jobs in the past few weeks. Have heard nothing back, of course. Start classes in a week or so? Wow. Should probably buy my books! Ha!

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