Totally just copied something and then forgot that I had something really important already copied that I needed to paste elsewhere. Whoops. That's just what happens when you've got so many important things surrounding you that need copying, I suppose.

In the meantime . . .

Few days until I leave for Seattle for big, important times. By the time I'm back in St. Louis I'll have a brother-in-law.  Not excited about surrendering my autonomy to a stranger, i.e. sitting on an airplane hoping to god that I don't die like that, because, really, that would suck more than anything yet. Maybe I should just take the rich old lady approach to it; don some oversize sunglasses and wrap my head in a silken floral-patterned scarf, take a Valium and drink a gin and tonic on the flight. Oh, if only I had the wontons, but my liver and kidneys get kinda pissed when I try to pull one over on 'em like that.

In a few weeks I go back to school to retake classes that I paid for at one point in time and then consequently never attended. It's nice to leave the house again, and be less of a fuck up. It's really nice, actually. Speaking of nice, the weather has been tolerable lately. Maybe I should go outside and shit.

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